TextGov and Fulton County Collaborate on Innovative COVID-19 Chatbot

The partnership between TextGov and Fulton County Goverment has resulted in the development of an innovative COVID-19 chatbot, designed to provide crucial information and services to residents. This initiative underscores the commitment of both parties to leverage advanced messaging technologies for public health and safety.

Fulton County COVID-19 Chatbot

Streamlined Access to COVID-19 Resources

The Fulton County COVID-19 chatbot, as showcased in the screenshot, offers a comprehensive range of options for users to access critical information and services. These options include:

  • Testing: Users can find information about COVID-19 testing locations and procedures.
  • Vaccines: Details about vaccine availability, scheduling, and locations are readily accessible.
  • COVID-19 Info: General information about COVID-19, including symptoms, prevention tips, and updates, is provided.
  • Schedule Vaccine: The chatbot facilitates easy scheduling of vaccination appointments.
  • Schedule Test: Similarly, it allows users to schedule COVID-19 tests conveniently.
  • Vaccine Locations: A list of nearby vaccination sites is available for quick reference.
  • Test Locations: Information about testing sites helps users find the most convenient location for their needs.
  • Booster Shots: Details about booster shot availability and scheduling are provided.
  • Rental Assistance: Information on rental assistance programs is accessible to those in need.
  • Lost/Replace Card: Users can find guidance on how to replace lost vaccination cards.
  • Mask Guideline FulCO: Updated mask guidelines specific to Fulton County are available.
  • Fulton Numbers: Key contact numbers for various Fulton County services are listed for easy access.

Enhancing Public Health Communication

The collaboration between TextGov and Fulton County Goverment highlights the importance of using advanced technologies to improve public health communication. The chatbot is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, ensuring that residents can quickly find the information they need. This initiative is part of TextGov’s broader mission to enhance customer service through innovative messaging solutions.

High Usage and Support

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the chatbot averaged about 1,500 conversations per month, demonstrating its significant impact and utility. Additionally, the chatbot allowed citizens to transfer to a live person for further assistance, ensuring that all inquiries were adequately addressed.

Why the COVID-19 Chatbot Matters

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, timely and accurate information is crucial. The chatbot serves as a reliable source of information, reducing the burden on public health agencies and ensuring that residents have access to up-to-date details. By providing a wide range of options, the chatbot caters to diverse needs, from scheduling vaccinations and tests to accessing rental assistance and mask guidelines.

Future Prospects

The success of the COVID-19 chatbot sets a precedent for future collaborations between TextGov and government agencies. As the pandemic evolves, the chatbot can be updated with new information and services, ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for Fulton County residents. This initiative also opens the door for similar projects in other jurisdictions, showcasing the potential of chatbots to enhance public service delivery.


The partnership between TextGov and Fulton County exemplifies the transformative power of technology in public health. The COVID-19 chatbot is a testament to the effectiveness of innovative messaging solutions in addressing the needs of the community. By providing a centralized platform for accessing critical information and services, the chatbot plays a vital role in supporting the health and well-being of Fulton County residents.

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