TextGov handles over 10,000 texts/month for the Gwinnett County Juror Services team. After an extensive six-month trial, the county began using jury service texting in October 2016. During the test, the county found that among those jurors who opted in to receive text reminders, an average of 96% appeared in court on their appointed days. 

Jurors find texting more convenient than remembering to call in every night to get their status. They also like that they get reminders about their upcoming jury duty before their service week.

Before implementing the service, jurors had to remember to call the court every evening to determine if they needed to appear for jury duty the next day. If they opt in, they receive a text in the evening letting them know their status.

The TextGov Jury Texting Service has provided a cost-effective way for the Gwinnett County Court System to improve juror compliance and enhance the juror’s experience with the court. From a security perspective, TextGov receives no personal information about the juror. The juror’s like the convenience of the system.

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