probate copCook County Probate Court Chatbot

In Cook County, Georgia, a technological revolution is transforming how the probate court interacts with the public. Under the guidance of Chase Daughtrey, the Cook County Probate Court has embraced digital transformation through a strategic partnership with TextGov, a leader in court and government chatbot solutions. This collaboration has birthed a sophisticated probate court chatbot to streamline court operations and enhance public service.

 The chatbot offers comprehensive services ranging from handling marriage license applications to managing intricate traffic citation issues. This tool not only simplifies the legal complexities for Cook County residents but also supports the court’s staff by automating routine inquiries, thus freeing up their time to focus on more complex tasks.

 As we delve deeper into this post, we will explore the multifaceted features of the Cook County Probate Court chatbot and its significant impact on court efficiency.  Join us in discovering how this blend of legal acumen and cutting-edge technology sets new judicial standards.



The Cook County Probate Court has a long history serving the community’s needs, from estate settlements to legal document filings. However, the complex nature of probate law has increasingly strained the court’s resources. Before the introduction of the probate court chatbot, staff members were overwhelmed with the volume of routine inquiries, which led to slower response times and reduced public satisfaction.

 TextGov, known for its innovative text/SMS applications and chatbot solutions for various government, court, and court clerk functions, presented a solution tailored to address these challenges. With a track record of enhancing communication and efficiency within probate courts, TextGov was the ideal partner to bring technological advancements to the Cook County Probate Court.


The Probate Court Chatbot Development

The development of the probate court chatbot was a collaborative effort that required careful planning and execution. TextGov’s team worked closely with Judge Daughtrey and court staff to understand the court’s and its constituents’ specific needs. The chatbot was designed to be intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate through its interface to find information on court procedures, download necessary forms, and even receive updates on their traffic citation issues.


Features of the Probate Court Chatbot

 The Cook County Probate Court chatbot is equipped with various features designed to make judicial services more accessible. Key functionalities include:

  • Marriage Licenses and Weapons Carry Licenses: Users can inquire about their applications’ requirements, processes, and status.
  • Probate Court Forms: The chatbot provides downloadable forms and instructions for submission.
  • Birth and Death Certificates: It offers guidance on how to request these documents and track their processing.
  • Traffic Citations: The chatbot excels in this critical area. It helps users understand their citation details, including court dates, payment options, and amounts due. The integration with TextGov’s pre-trial reminder service ensures that users receive timely reminders and have the option to pay online, leading to a 94% closure rate for traffic citations.


Impact on Cook County Probate Court

Since its implementation, the chatbot has significantly impacted the efficiency and effectiveness of the Cook County Probate Court. The court has seen a drastic reduction in calls and emails, allowing staff to allocate more time to critical tasks. The chatbot handles an average of 250 conversations per month, demonstrating its utility and acceptance by the public.

 The court also implemented TextGov’s Pre-Trial Reminder service. The Probate Court Chatbot and the Pre-Trial Reminder Service helped the court achieve a 94% closure rate for traffic citations.

 Moreover, the feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Residents appreciate the ease of access to information and the speed at which they can complete their court-related tasks.



 The partnership between TextGov and the Cook County Probate Court is a prime example of how technology can enhance judicial processes and improve public service. As the court continues to innovate, it sets a benchmark for other jurisdictions to follow, proving that technology and law can work hand in hand to serve the community better. Judge Chase Daughtrey’s leadership in this initiative highlights the potential for positive change when technology is embraced in the judicial system.